Reviews for Allan Wasserman:

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" ranges from genial to hilarious, with the self- spoofing David as himself amid a company of actors convincingly playing his manager, wife, friends and associates. Helping them are some other performers who appear as themselves.
Howard Rosenberg, LATimes
(see above photo: Allan Wasserman as Allan Wasserman w/Larry David   in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" )

"The Root" revolves around Vinny (an extraordinarily fine Jon Manfrellotti), a mechanic who has allowed his service station to morph into a chop shop, and Jerry (an equally effective Allan Wasserman), the crooked cop who provides the list of cars he wants stolen and the money to pay Vinny for dismantling the cars into their component intelligent, beautifully written, and thoroughly engrossing orgy of greed, menace, and conflicting motivations..."
Cynthia Citron,

"Jesus also goes unrecognized by a sleazy agent (Allan Wasserman), a setup that builds to the world's greatest agent joke, masterfully handled by Wasserman and Sarandon."
"Thorn and Bloom" Laurie Winer, LATIMES

"Arizona Theatre Company's consistency of excellent productions continues its streak with their latest offering, Lanford Wilson's lovely unexpected valentine Talley's Folly... Allan Wasserman's Matt is convincingly performed. Matt is likeably charming but not quite cuddly, and Mr. Wasserman finds that difficult balance... he also moves through the space with the energetic pace of those fearing imminent rejection. Tucson Weekly

"Mr. Wasserman, who could be Buddy Hackett's younger brother, is affably madcap as the passionate water-meter man."
"The Perfect Stranger" Mel Gussow, NYTIMES

" we meet a terrorist comedian, Khaled El Hashish (Allan Wasserman), who tells jokes through a translator. ("It's murder being a terrorist these days. Have you seen the price of handgrenades lately?")...the entire production is first rate...full of engaging comic actors"
"Coming Attractions"
Frank Rich, NYTIMES